We Will Get There
作詞:Dick Lee 作曲:Dick Lee 編曲:Kenn C.

We remember the days, we sat out together with faith?

Remember the times, so fine, when we thought that nothing could stand in our way?

Then things weren't the same, the life that we knew had to change

We've struggled through the darkest storms, we thought we couldn't tame

Together we've tried, as we stood side by side

I knew we'd build a new world, a world of hope forever after

Deep in my heart I just know, right from the start we will grow

Look where we are, we've come so far and there's still a long long way to go

All of my heart, I will care. I'll play my part, I will share

With family and friends, together we'll stand

And in the end, hand in hand, we will get there

So now we begin, working together to win

Believing in trust, it must be possible to overcome anything.

There's so much to do, there's so much we can contribute

By sharing just a little love, we will start again a new

So why don't we try? If we stand side by side

I know we'll build a new world, a world of hope for ever after

(repeat chorus)

是否還記得 從前美麗的天色

那時天很藍 我們的未來都在不遠地方晴朗著

一切都變了 生命不只是快樂

濃濃黑霧籠罩我們 暴風雨就要來了

但誰說不能 肩並著肩站穩

我們用心和用愛創造 讓新的世界誕生


在我心中我知道 這是永恆的長跑

好不容易 來到這裡 明天還要追更多榮耀

把自己角色扮演好 全力以赴每一秒

和我的家人和我的朋友 向著目標手牽手 一起走到

這又是起點 我們有一樣心願

當我們團結 狂風巨浪也不能阻擋我們走向前

誰害怕改變 只要緊握著信念

心中有夢沒有遙遠 跨出去就在瞬間

但誰說不能 肩並著肩站穩

我們用心和用愛創造 讓新的世界誕生
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